The Four Seasons at Johnnycake Flats

Winter is a magical season here at Johnnycake Flats. We seem to be a magnet for great amounts of snow, which allows for lots of winter activities. You can borrow some of our snowshoes and trek through the forest under a full moon… a pretty neat experience, particularly if the owls are active. Later on, relax by the warmth of the fire with some hot cider and read a book or play one of the many board games.

Spring: Ah… Early spring, otherwise known as Mudseason, means sugaring time in Vermont. Depending upon the weather, this is a 3-6 week period of time when all the maple syrup is made for the year. This is evidenced by the water vapor steaming out of the many sugarhouses dotting the local hillsides. A real sweet treat! Later on, as the warming trend continues, everything in nature begins to wake up, including the frogs in our ponds and the trout lily and trillium in the woods. Across the road, flyfishing enthusiasts will find the Third Branch of the White River quite beckoning.

Summer: In summer our gardens are in full swing. We invite you to sample fresh peas right from the vines. This is a great time to set up an easel or tripod to either paint or photograph over 100 different varieties of flowers growing in many gardens. Take a hike in the woods or just sit on the back porch and birdwatch. As evening falls, gather around the fire ring to roast marshmallows, swap stories and star gaze (no light pollution here). Experience the 'Milky Way' for maybe the very first time!

Autumn: Our valley becomes alive with blazing color and “leaf peeping” becomes the favorite activity. Our area is known for its photographic opportunities including wildlife such as wild turkeys, fox, migrating birds and the occasional moose. Be sure to ask which one of these creatures decided to snack on our waterlilies! This is also a great time to hike up to our picnic knoll or go mountain biking on the back roads.